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With years of knowledge and experience in the clothing industry, World Clothing Manufacturers (WCM) connects fashion and apparel designers with the very best and most appropriate textile vendors and knitters, sample makers, hardware suppliers, and clothing factories.

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World Clothing Manufacturers connects fashion and apparel designers with the very best and most appropriate textile vendors.

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Our goal is to assist fashion designers and apparel businesses of all sizes with bringing their ideas to life by uniting them with the most "fitting" clothing manufacturers and other cut & sew product factories. WCM has taken all these variables and we have simplified them.

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Rebecca M.

"What we needed was very unique. It would have taken us months of full-time work to locate and verify the factory that could produce what we needed. The people at World Clothing Manufacturers took a few minutes to get to know us and put those 3 best factories right in our lap. It saved what could have been tens of thousands of dollars in lost time and lessons learned."


Amy L.

"We just needed to move our manufacturing from Asia to the U.S. and WCM gave us 2 great options and we are now in the process of manufacturing within a reliable supply chain."


Geoff G.

"The service providers in the clothing world are very "underground," they were hard to find and connect with until we worked with the people of World Clothing Manufacturers. They asked a few questions to find out what we really needed then made an introduction to factories and service providers that could get our product produced for a great price."

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Sketching & Design

It all begins with an idea. Whether it is a t-shirt or a technical piece of outerwear, we have the design professionals to capture every little detail that makes a piece of clothing unique. Sketching and design is only the first step, but it will drive the process and significantly impact the subsequent steps.

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pattern-making on CAD software


Once your apparel illustration is complete and your design and vision are captured, we can begin the pattern-making process. Pattern-making is where professionals come in and create the manufacturing plans needed for mass production. These are highly technical cut & sew patterns created in CAD software so that any sophisticated factory can print them and begin cutting.

Begin the Pattern Process
clothes designers sample making

Sample Making

Sample making is when we see the fruit of our labors and is one of our favorite steps. Once pattern-making is complete, we cut & sew samples to prove the fit of the clothing in the base size and test any materials that may have been in question. This crucial step allows us to test the apparel items and ensure they perform as intended.

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size grading t-shirts

Size Grading

Your samples are done, tested, and approved. Now it is time to replicate the patterns in each size. Size grading is a highly technical process developed with CAD software but should only be performed by experienced professionals. Add sizes for your clothing and apparel is part of your market strategy, and once it is complete, we will go through a whole new sampling and fit testing process.

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material sourcing illustration

Material Sourcing

We know that if you are experiencing frustration, it is likely because you have tried to source your materials in a complex and broken material sourcing world. We would love to make this market more efficient, but we can only do so much. We have connections with clothing material providers all over the US and the world. We can help you find hardware, knits, drawstrings, aglets, custom elastic, woven fabric, and almost anything else.

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manufacturing in clothing factory

Clothing Manufacturing

Manufacturing is multi-faceted, and numerous factories can manufacture or cut & sew all products. The variety of clothing and apparel is infinite as original ideas are generated every day, and there is no sign of stopping. Based on what products you are looking to manufacture, we can make that happen in our many partner factories, where experienced specialists can manage your project.

Ready to Manufacture?
product packaging illustration

Product Packaging

The finishing touches on your products are how they are packaged. It can be as easy as folded clothing in a clear poly bag or as complex as custom boxes, tags, wraps, and embossed lettering. Typically, the same factory cutting and sewing your styles will receive the packaging materials to fold and package your products exactly as you want. The packaging process may entail designing and procuring packaging materials or folding and inserting them into a sealed poly bag.

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