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New Jersey clothing factory

  • Ready to launch your New Jersey fashion and apparel startup?
  • Have the design skills but are looking for knitters, or cut and sew?
  • Has demand grown so high that you can't keep up with production?
  • Looking to branch out into accessories, gear, or a new fashion category?
  • Looking to take your New Jersey fashion and clothing company nationwide or world-wide?

If you are searching for a New Jersey clothing factory to provide the solutions above, you've come to the correct place. World Clothing Manufacturers (WCM) has both the US and world-wide specialists who will connect apparel business startups with the most reliable clothing factories in New Jersey. In addition, we have access to account advisors who will lighten your load, streamline every area of the design and production process, and accelerate your time to market.

This includes production associates for:

  • Sample making, cut & sew
  • Size grading, fit testing
  • Material sourcing
  • Clothing manufacturing
  • Production factories
  • Branded product packaging

As you may already know, the learning curve in the clothes manufacuring industry is steep. Some believe that failure is simply a "right of passage." A means of paying your dues before you're "in." But it doesn't have to be that way. With years of experience in the international textile industry, the team at World Clothing Manufacturers can associate you with reputable and reliable consultants.

Your experienced industry partner will guide you along the complex manufacturing process, help you find the best clothing factory, whether in New Jersey or abroad, and assist with creating profitable systems and procedures and timely product delivery. We have a network of specialists who values each fashion and clothing business with whom they are working, and are dedicated to bringing your vision to life - as your success is their success. With WCM, you can select your New Jersey clothing factory with the confidence knowing they have a track record of success.

clothing production factory in New Jersey

Your account advisor simplifies the strategy of scaling and growing your fashion and apparel startup while ensuring that you make all the critical decisions. With the right clothing production factory, you are empowered to focus more on artistry, design, marketing, and customer service, thus maintaining the components of the design process that you truly enjoy. Then you can delegate what you least want or what you can't keep up with.

clothing production factory in New Jersey

Even if you can keep up with demand, freeing up your time enables you to pursue other revenue streams. For example, perhaps you continue to supply custom designs to local consumers but outsource your ready-to-wear collections. Or maybe you want to branch out to accessories, gear, or other new design categories. These are just a few examples of avenues you can probe once you lighten your load with a production associate.

Identifying the correct clothing production factory in New Jersey is ideal for apparel business startups who want to streamline the production process. Make no mistake, you will be involved in each step of the process. However, you won't be going it alone as your consultant knows the ins and outs of the clothes manufacuring industry and will help you develop a profitable, strategic approach.

Regardless of where you are in your industry tenure, identifying the right specialist is essential to the success of your fashion and clothing company. A partner can save you time, money, and stress, often optimizing your business outcomes. World Clothing Manufacturers unites apparel and fashion designers with industry partners who walk them through each step of the manufacturing process, whether in New Jersey or abroad.

The next step for you is to fill out our Factory Request form to determine your needs, and we will connect you with a tenured, reputable consultant. We have account advisors for your US-made fashion and apparel startup or world-wide specialists, offering competitive pricing and helping you take your fashion and clothing company international.

Orders start as low as $1,000 and as high as $50,000+ to manufacture every type of fashion category and accessory, including:

  • Luxe, Casual, & Ready to Wear
  • Athletic & Fitness
  • Streetwear & Athleisurewear
  • Outerwear
  • Undergarments
  • Swimwear
  • Baby, Infant, Toddler, Children
  • Shoes & Footwear

The New Jersey clothes manufacuring industry

A summary of the New Jersey clothes manufacuring industry: The phases involved in manufacturing clothing in New Jersey may vary depending on the specific product being made and the production process being used. However, there are some general stages that are common to many clothing manufacturing processes. These steps include:

Design: The first phase in manufacturing clothing is to create a design or concept for the apparel. This may involve sketching out ideas, selecting fabrics and colors, and determining the size and fit of the garment.

Sourcing materials: Once the design is finished, the next stage is to source the materials that will be used to create the garment. This may involve purchasing fabric from a supplier, as well as any other materials such as buttons, zippers, and thread.

Cutting and sewing: Once the materials have been sourced, the next phase is to cut the cloth to the desired shape and size using patterns. The fabric is then sewn together using sewing machines or by hand to create the garment.

Finishing: After the garment has been sewn, it is typically subjected to a number of finishing processes to give it a professional appearance. This may include pressing, hemming, and adding any final touches such as buttons or zippers.

It is important to note that manufacturing clothing can be a complex process, and it is typically done on a large scale in factories or production facilities. In New Jersey, there are many companies that specialize in clothing manufacturing and can assist with the various steps involved in the process.

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sports clothing factory

Since the streetwear and athleisure wear fashion boom, apparel business startups who rarely design or have never designed sportswear are capitalizing on the craze. This fashion boom has also inspired a whole new generation of apparel and fashion designers. Whether designed for function, fashion, or both, World Clothing Manufacturers helps you identify and network with the production associates needed for success.

A common challenge with going it alone is that the product sample doesn't meet your design, quality, or function expectations. This could mean that the factory has taken liberty with your design or that their textile quality isn't up to your high standards. WCM can help you associate with the correct agent to source a sports clothing factory with the attention to detail required to deliver your branded quality.

Today, competition is fierce, so quality is critical, but quality isn't enough. A clothing business brand also needs a timely production process and a competent sports clothing factory, whether in New Jersey or abroad, to keep up with your supply and demand. Just one delinquent order can be detrimental to a fashion and clothing business's success. You can minimize the hassle and expense of import/export for those ready to target new markets by working with multiple world-wide sports clothing factories.

You can minimize your carbon footprint and optimize logistics and profitability with strategically located factories. In addition, you can ensure brand consistency and efficiency by trusting WCM's network of experienced and reliable industry partners.

children's clothing factory

children's clothing factory in New Jersey

Children grow at lightning speed, so parents tend to purchase more clothing annually for their children than for themselves. Fashion and style are important to parents and children, and quality and comfort are also a top priority. As a result, many parents avoid synthetic textiles for their little ones, opting only for cotton, bamboo, and other soft natural fibers. This trend includes a growing number of parents who want their children's clothing to be organic, thus aligning with their environmentally conscious lifestyle.

While younger children will grow out of most of their clothing items before they wear them out, parents often hand clothing along to friends and family or save it for their next child. At the very least, they will donate their children's outgrown clothing. So, a low-grade clothing item won't cut it in children's fashion or when choosing a children's clothing factory.

To succeed in the competitive infant, toddler, child, tween, and teen market, a clothing business brand must connect with an experienced consultant who can source the right children's clothing factory, whether in New Jersey or abroad, that better understands your fashion and apparel startup and demographic. Even parents who shop for adult fast fashion expect more from their children's clothing.

Your children's clothing factory must deliver garments that meet the below criteria: children's clothing must wash and dry with ease, knits must not pill, graphics must not peel, textiles must not fade, buttons, bows, hardware, and design embellishments must not come off in the wash.

Our goal is to assist apparel business startups of all sizes with bringing their ideas to life by uniting them with the most "fitting" textile vendors, sample makers, knitters, hardware suppliers, and clothing factories. World Clothing Manufacturers has taken all these variables and we have simplified them for you.

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